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Broken or Lost Keys

Losing your keys to your home or business can be very frustrating. Most of the times when people lose their keys to their home, they usually have more copies of those same keys locked inside the house. When this is the case we can have one of our locksmiths get your door unlocked in a jiffy, but if you fear that your lost key might end up in the wrong hands, we highly recommend a complete lock re-key. In the case of you losing the last copy of your key, we can always either originate a copy or re-key the lock to make it fit a new set of keys.

To avoid being locked out do to a lost key; one method is if you know and trust one of your neighbors, it is always a good idea to give them a copy of your house key. This way if you find yourself locked outside your home, you can always knock on their door and get your emergency key. Another way to minimize the chances of a house lockout is to hide a copy of the key somewhere outside your house. Just make sure you don’t hide it somewhere obvious like under the welcome matt for example. This is one of the first places that thieves check when they try to break into a home or business. And one last method that works pretty well is to use a realtor key box somewhere outside your home. Just make sure to memorize the code and this way, when in need you will always have access to an emergency key.

Keys don’t only tend to get lost but they also break from time to time. Since keys are used several times a day they tend to wear out over time especially if you have a sticky lock. If a lock is not re-keyed properly or a key is not cut with enough precision it can cause them to be sticky and not operate smoothly. This can add to the risk of key breakage. Over time the metal becomes week and the key can break with one half still stuck in the lock. In this case, the best thing you can do is to call a professional locksmith, and not to attempt to extract the broken key on your own.

At Metrolocks, we developed many extraction methods that make it fast and easy for us to extract any door lock key. This is why we can charge less for such types of jobs and we can always successfully extract the broken keys without inflicting any damage on the locks. Once our locksmiths extract a broken key, we can usually replicate the key just from the broken pieces alone. If needed, our locksmiths can cut new keys on the spot or re-key the lock to fit new keys. So if you lose or break your key you should always know that you can call us at Metrolocks any time and we will always give you an honest quote and answer any questions you might have.

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