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In a lost car key situation, calling a mobile locksmith to come to your location is usually the most convenient and price efficient way to get a new car key replacement. Once a locksmith arrives to the scene there are usually two methods he or she can use to originate a new key. The first way which is usually the quickest and easiest way to get it done is by running the VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) which is usually stamped on different places of any vehicle. Once the locksmith technician runs the VIN, he gets the car key code which can be run in order to get the cut specifications. With the cut specifications, the locksmith can start cutting the key blade and get it programmed if needed. Now, not all VINs can be run over the phone to produce a code, if this is the case, the locksmith technician has to extract one of the lock cylinders on the car to get to one of the code stamps or to manually read the wafers and get the cut specs.

Some car models are easier than others when it comes to making a new key for them. Never assume that just because a vehicle is older or cheaper it is easier to originate a key for it. And just because you can’t see a transponder chip or other electronic buttons on a car key, it doesn’t mean the key does not contain a programmable chip inside the plastic. The only way to know for a fact that your car key uses a transponder chip is to either ask a trusted locksmith or your certified car dealership.

Losing a key to your car can be very stressful. Unlike losing your house keys, misplacing your car keys can happen while your car is parked somewhere public with a risk of getting towed or broken into. This is why it is crucial to get a Denver locksmith that has a quick response time. At Metrolocks we understand that it is never a good time to lose a car key and we will do everything to get to your location in the quickest way possible. We can do most domestic and foreign car keys at your specific location anywhere in the Denver metro area. When you call us, just give us the make, model and year of your vehicle and we will give you a flat quote over the phone. Unlike other locksmiths in Denver we will never play with the price once we get to your location, so you don’t have to worry about any fees or charges.

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