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When you find yourself locked out of your car, it is highly advised not to attempt to break into the car on your own. Without proper tools and training, serious damage can be caused to the door and what would’ve otherwise been a simple lockout can become an expensive body shop visit. When locked out of your car please do yourself a favor and call a professional locksmith company like Metrolocks.

At Metrolocks we have the tools to unlock almost any kind of car. Our locksmiths are trained to unlock cars in the most professional way without leaving any dents or scratches. Just because someone is a car locksmith or a roadside assistance technician does not automatically mean that they have the proper tools, training and experience to do the job properly. Our Metrolocks technicians are trained and experienced at unlocking cars and we pride ourselves by our quick response time and great quality work.

Even if the car has a security alarm system we can always unlock the vehicle without damaging it. Most of the time we can unlock a vehicle in under 3 minutes but no matter how long it takes us, our first priority is to make sure that no scratch, dent or other damage is left when we are done. When shopping for a car locksmith, always make sure to go with a reputable locksmith service that has good reviews. Just because someone is charging you a very low price it doesn’t mean you’ll be paying less at the end of it all. Maybe your car might be unlocked but you’ll have to pay a visit to the body shop to fix the damage that an inexperienced locksmith left on your vehicle.

A surprisingly common circumstance is when people lock their keys inside the car while the engine is running. Especially during those freezing Colorado winters, many of us tend to leave our vehicles running to warm them up a few minutes before we drive them to work. A fun fact that most Coloradans don’t know is that many car models have a certain auto-lock feature that locks the vehicle automatically after a few minutes of turning it on. This feature does not care if you are outside the car so this is why you should always make sure as a precaution to always leave a window half open or have a spare key handy. This way you can avoid becoming one of the thousands of Coloradans that lock themselves out of their vehicles each winter.

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