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At Metrolocks we fully understand the meaning of being locked out of your business. Many times it happens early in the morning when you get there to open your doors to your costumers. Commercial lockouts are usually a very urgent matter because this is one of those instances where time literally means money. It can also be really embarrassing to stand out of your locked business doors and have anxious costumers next to you while you have no way to serve them. This is why you should always have a saved phone number of a reliable Denver locksmith like Metrolocks. We pledge to always give you an honest answer when you ask how long it will take us to get to your office or shop. We care about our costumers’ businesses and we rather lose a job than give them a misleading response time estimate.

Not all commercial lockouts are external. Many times it is a door inside a shop or an office that is accidentally locked with the keys inside. It is always highly advised not attempt to unlock it on your own to avoid unnecessary damage. Always instruct your employees to call a trusted locksmith and to never try to do anything on their own when it comes to a lockout.

Our locksmith technicians have many methods and tools in their arsenal when it comes to unlocking commercial locks without damaging them. We value your time and money and we pledge to always attempt to get your business doors unlocked the quickest way possible without inflicting any damage on the door or the lock.

Not all locks are the same so before you shop around for a locksmith to help you unlock a commercial door; make sure to write down the make and model of the lock. This way when you call around, you can get a more precise quote and if you call us and give us basic information we will always give you a flat price when it comes to business lockouts.

If you happen to call us for a commercial lockout and after unlocking the door you cannot find the keys that you thought were inside we will happily give you a quote to re-key the lock. This way the lost key will not work anymore if it ends up in the wrong hands.

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