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House Lockouts

Many people in the Denver metropolitan area, find themselves locked out of their home every day. When you lock your keys inside the house and you feel stupid, remember that you are not alone. Getting locked of our own home is easier than we might think. All it takes is few seconds of distraction in the wrong time. That wrong time might be when you just happen to walk out the door to throw the trash or take the dog out to do his business. Most of the house lockouts happen when we just leave the house for a few minutes not noticing that we locked the doorknob behind us.

When you find yourself locked out of your house the first step is to try to remember if you have a neighbor that has a key or if you left a hidden key somewhere. Then if no luck in having a spare key nearby, the second step would be to check if you have an open window somewhere. Make sure the window is at a safe height you won’t injure yourself trying to climb it. If none of the windows are open and you can’t get a spare key anywhere it is highly recommended to call a professional locksmith to come and safely unlock the door for you. Never attempt to unlock the door by inflicting damage on the lock. Locks are usually made to withstand serious damage and there is always a good chance that you will cause expensive damage to the door and door frame.

Commonly in a house lockout it is very rare that both the deadbolt and the doorknob are locked and our locksmiths find themselves having to pick both of them to gain entry. Rest assured that if this is the case you will not be charged extra. We also work with flat pricing when it comes to standard house lockouts. And if our Locksmith technicians cannot get the door open we will wave the service call and you won’t pay a dime even though this has not happened to us yet.

If you are locked out and lost your last existing key to your house we also offer key origination service. All you have to do is let us know on the phone that besides gaining entry to your home you also need a house key made. Our locksmith technicians once there, can either replicate the key that you lost or re-key your locks to a brand new key or any existing key of your choice. If you find yourself needing a reliable and affordable locksmith service feel free to call us at Metrolocks anytime twenty four seven.

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