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Re-keying locks is a way of having control of access to a house, room or building. Most of the time when locksmiths re-key a house or a business they do it with the purpose of controlling which keys will unlock certain doors and which others will not. By changing the tumblers of the locks, locksmiths can fit them to work with different sets of keys. Also many times locks are re-keyed with the goal of making them all work with the same key.

At Metrolocks, re-keying is more than that. It is the chance we get as locksmiths to make the lock work better than before we took it apart. Many residential locks might seem very straight forward when it comes to installation. It could safely be said that almost anyone can install a standard deadbolt or doorknob but installing them properly is a different story. If the screws are not tightened at exactly the right pressure or if the parts are not aligned properly this could affect the lock’s functionality and may even damage it. At Metrolocks, when we put your locks back on the doors, we make sure that they are properly installed and lubricated. Most times when we are done with a lock, our costumers will notice that it works better than before we arrived.

When our locksmiths arrive at a re-keying job, we don’t use pre-made keys like many other locksmiths do. We always like to cut our keys from scratch only at the costumer’s location, because we understand that re-keying is a very sensitive business. By cutting the keys at the costumer’s location, we minimize the chance of losing one of the copies that will be used with the newly re-keyed locks. Also if our costumers choose to, they are more then welcome to hang around with us while we cut their unique set of keys before we key them to their existing locks.

As locksmiths, we re-key many locks every month around the Denver metro area and we can’t help but notice that a many of them were previously shoddily re-keyed. I am sure that everyone had experienced at some point trying to unlock a door and the key only turns after a while of jiggling the key inside the lock. It can be very annoying, especially on those freezing Colorado winter nights, when you try to get inside your own home and the key is not cooperating. This is why we always ensure that we re-key every lock properly by confirming that every key that we cut works smoothly inside the re-keyed locks.

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