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Lock Repair and Replacement

Locks tend to last a very long time when installed correctly, but like anything in life even the most durable devices break at some point. The problem with broken lock issues is they tend to create more problems around them, like being locked in or out of your house or business. It is very common that when a lock breaks it prevents the door from opening, although it can also prevent a door from locking, an issue which compromises the security of your home or business. This is why you should always make sure that your locks lock and unlock properly by keeping them appropriately aligned and lubricated.

Repairing and replacing locks when done right usually requires significant training and experience, partly because of the vast array of different types of locks out there. When a lock breaks in a home or business, the first thing that people usually do is attempt to repair or replace it themselves to save money. It is highly recommended that unless you are completely familiar with the broken lock, you should not attempt to tinker with it on your own. Many people try to unsuccessfully repair the lock themselves having no clue of how it works and only after a long time wasted and many parts lost, they decide to call a locksmith. Once the locksmith technician arrives to the scene it is close to impossible to diagnose the original problem when all the lock is in pieces. So what would’ve been an easy fix to a simple lock problem can become an expensive lock replacement.

Unlike other locksmiths, at Metrolocks we will always look for the least expensive long term solution to a lock problem without compromising on security. Because our technicians are very experienced, when possible we end up saving our costumers a good number of dollars by properly repairing a lock and avoiding having to replace it. Commonly when a lock breaks it can be repaired by just resetting the lock or by replacing a very inexpensive part, but many inexperienced locksmiths out there fail to detect such solutions and resort to replacing the whole lock on the costumer’s expense. Many other locksmiths while being aware of an easy fix will still try to push a complete lock replacement so they can make more money. When you call Metrolocks for your broken lock problem you can rest assured that we will always look for what is best for our costumers when it comes to price and quality.

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